Meet Greg

Greg has lived in the Pacific NW for most of his life, growing up in Bend, Ore., He attended U of O, and moved to the Portland Metro area, where he spent 10yrs in law enforcement before pursuing a career in the field of real estate. He got into real estate in 1995, as Greg had really enjoyed his life in public service at the Sheriff's Office, he was ready for a new pursuit. With his strong people skills, outgoing personality and amazing drive, he found almost instant success building a strong real estate sales team and platform. He was able to sell over 100 homes his 3rd year in operation. As he soon became known as a top producer in the marketplace, he was always being asked "how do you do that"? He hired a training/coach to help him speed up the learning process and implement new efficient and effective systems/processes to expand his growing real estate practice. As his success grew, the very training company that had helped him was looking to hire him to help others achieve their goals. The CEO approached him to join forces and work with top agents across the country to help them achieve the success he had seen. Greg agreed and soon would be working with some of the most talented folks in the business. After a year or so of working with this company, Greg saw an opportunity to expand his talents and skills. He started his own training sales training company. He traveled the country for the next 9 yrs. , speaking to large real estate/mortgage companies, as well as working with very talented individuals, helping them fine tune their skill sets.... As the long term travel was very demanding and Greg felt a strong desire to be home more, with his two sons, as they were growing up quickly. He transitioned to working via telephone and minimizing the travel. He was soon approached to manage a real estate office and help the local agents become successful. As he was working diligently to help the agents, he was getting asked to handle many sales situations and watch over several projects. He soon became aware he was needed to handle sales transactions and transitioned back to doing only sales. As the boys grew up and were getting out of high school, Greg's desire to return to the High Desert , was really strong. He had family ties in the Treasure Valley and had been routinely making trips for outdoor adventures since the 1990s. He went to work, researching the marketplace and meeting many owners and operators of local Boise area real estate offices. After a couple of years looking and talking to many folks, he found an office that was focused on growing client relationships to simplify the home searching and buying processes. He transitioned to operating a sales team once again, as that is his true passion. Greg now specializes in Helping Veterans/1st Responders, New Construction, Resale and Investment Properties for his clients in the Treasure Valley.